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Part 1: Basics of the acupuncture – meridian courses

·         Course of the meridians in the body

·         Practising the handling of the little stick

·         Feeling the condition of fullness / emptiness on the skin surface

·         Causes of illness as the Chinese see it

·         Determining the conditions of fullness / emptiness through the ear-reflex-zone-control and how to treat afterwards

·         Treating conditions of fullness / emptiness by using other methods e.g. warmth / cold


Part 2: Static treatment – sacro iliac joint – spinal column

·         Removal of blockages in the sacro iliac joint considering the three dimensional shifting options

·         Ear-reflex-zone-control of the sacro iliac joint

·         Gentle removal of joint blockages using the ear-reflex-zone-control

·         How meridians are involved in the sacro iliac joint blockage

·         How muscles are involved in the sacro iliac joint blockage and how a Neuro-muscular massage can remove it


Part 3: Arm and leg joints – point treatment   

·         Arm and leg joint control through ear-reflex-zones    

·         Removal of dispositions   

·         Ear-reflex-zones of the single meridians and usage options

·         Point treatment: agreement points, alarm points etc.

·         Feeling of acupuncture points 

·         Five Elements’ Theory    

·         Causes of illness and courses of illness explained by psychological neurological interrelations according to Dr Hamer


Part 4: Scar disturbance removal – aura treatment  - systemic                

·         Scar disturbance removal through the aura

·         Organ diseases and their effect to the joints                    

·         Aura treatment with methods by the Elfins (Dusty Miller XIV.)

·         Point treatment options with methods of the Elfins (D. Miller XIV.)

·         Options to remove reasons for illnesses or psychological Problems through methods that follow the systemic therapy

·         Presentation of other methods: meridian therapy, MM on horses, Body exercise for life energy

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