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Karin Leffer

Massage school Regensburg; foot reflex zone massage at Hanne Marquardt, Königsfeld; acupuncture massage at Klaus Radloff, Wienacht, insertions zone and periosteum massage at Herbert Schötz, Kaufbeuren; metamorphosis at Anna Maria Eichmann, Munich; physical regulation therapy according to Erwin Schrecker, Günzburg; craniosacral integration at A.C. Schuster, Rottach-Egern; neuro musculature therapy and cranial osteopathy at Paul St. John, Erlangen; shamanism workshops at Jürgen Pfaff, Foundation for Shamanic Studies; shamanism workshops at Hi-ah Park, Korean shaman; family constellation therapy and systemic therapy at Doris Fritz, Stuttgart; own private treatment rooms in Coburg since 1988.


Dusty Miller XIV:

Dusty comes from a family of natives in Great Britain – the Elfins. They have preserved traditions of healing methods for a thousand years and are able to recall 800 generations. Dusty had a 25-years-long apprenticeship at his father’s, as his father had at his grandfather’s and so on. Find more information under



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