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  • no needles are used 


  • One can see and feel the results already during the treatment


  • Meridian Massage treats the whole body and thereby also causes a psychic balance


  • Another positive side effect one will often see, that other problems the client has not actually come to be treated for are improving as well. This is due to the fact that MERIDIAN MASSAGE is an integrated treatment                                                                                            



The meridian massage (short: MM) and the ear-reflex-zone-control are forms of treatment derived from acupuncture. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the life energy flows through your body like a circuit in definite courses. These courses are called Meridians. Chinese Medicine views this Energy System as being separate and above the physical, mental and psychological functions in the human body.


Therefore illness is regarded as an energy circuit blockage, which means some areas have too much and other areas do not have enough energy.  The acupuncture uses needles, which are placed into acupuncture points. These work like streering outlets. The MM also uses this energy circuit without needles. Little massage sticks are used and the meridians on the skin surface are treated by soft strokes. A point treatment is done afterwards, if at all.


Compared to the needle acupuncture this treatment has considerable advantages: The MM treats the entire meridian. If only points are treated as in needle acupuncture one would have to choose beforehand among approx. 360 different points. This is very difficult to do. One helps himself then by using the so called pulse diagnosis. Even Prof. Worsley who educated medical students in acupuncture in Great Britain admitted that he had never managed to distinguish all pulse qualities in the long years of experience. Due to the lack of these skills point prescriptions are given: e.g. using this and that point in case of migraines. However, there are ten different reasons for migraines and actually each time one treats a migraine one has to do it differently!


The meridian massage allows the therapist to determine the energetic conditions by using the ear-reflex-zone-control (short: ERC) and a skin-feel-result, that will let the therapist know which meridians lack or are full of energy and which vertebrae and vertebral joints are “out of balance” or rotated, in short, the therapist knows where to treat.


MM also includes a static correction of the joints. The energetic pre-treatment of the meridians allows one to do the movement technique gently and without force. It has nothing to do with the Chiropractic Adjustments. For this reason the treatment of spinal column diseases is one of the main indications for the MM. The sacro iliac joint plays an especially big part in it and in its position it is looked at three dimensionally. The joints are treated only if free mobility in the sacro iliac joint has been achieved.

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